I love routines.  My favorite time of day is my morning.  I have a great routine.  One that started taking shape second we bought the farm.  It allows me to greet the day with calming thoughts and silence.  This is how it goes…

I get up before the sun.  Mostly because my husband doesn’t hear the dogs wake up.  They are getting old and seem to have to go to the bathroom earlier every year.  That’s ok, it gets me out of bed for the best time of the day.  So, I get up with the dogs.  Holly, my female English Setter ( the one with all the spots) is such a sweet dog.  We rescued her about 4 years ago.  She is older than we thought and evidently had been hit by a car.  She has a hitch in her kiddy up but that doesn’t keep her down except when it is achy.  She gives me a sweet lick on the cheek every morning when I bend down to give her a good morning pat.  Toby, the perfect gentlemen, lets her go out first.  Then they both come in an sit in the sun porch for their morning biscuit and breakfast. I have my coffee in my favorite rocking chair while the sun comes up.  My view is the field on the side of the house.  It is a great place to just be.image  This picture of the dogs in the sun porch is before we had it redone.  We got rid of the orange shag carpet and put down a floor that looks like a porch floor.  We also painted the walls a sunny yellow and trimmed it all in white. image Love that room! We don’t have much furniture.  It is still a work in progress, but I do have a favorite place to sit.  It is a rocking chair that a friend of ours gave me when her husband passed away and she needed to move.  It is really differentimage

As you can probably tell, it is blocks of wood held together with a rope.  One continuous piece of rope thread through the blocks.  We this morning, my routine was interrupted when my behind sat down and went right through the seat.  Ugh!  The rope snapped at one of the bends.  Now we need to figure out a way to restring the entire chair.  It will definite be a labor of love because without this chair, I won’t be able to start my day looking at this fabulous view.imagemvb