Spinning Wheel Has To Go Round

Guess what I learned to do!  I am officially a spinner, a maker of hand spun yarns, a natural woman extraordinar. Ok, that is a little over the top, but I have started spinning!

About three weeks ago, my friend (a fellow equestrian) came over with a spare wheel that she had.  Knowing how much I love fibers she decided I needed to learn to make my own.  What I can’t figure out is why she had a spare wheel.  Those things are not cheap and she has 4! Well actually she has three now that I bought the one she brought to my house.  See, isn’t it cute?imageIt is an Ashford Kiwi.  LOVE the name.  Anyway, I started spinning. She gave me some roving and said have at it.  My first attempts were really not good….img_0494Not something I would care to work with.  Would you?  BUT I have gotten much much better. This is my first spool of wool that I am going to use.  I will ply it (since it is only a single ply) with a white that you can see on the wheel.   Not bad!imageI am so excited.  I didn’t tell my friend, but I have been wanting to learn how to do this for a really long time.  I am always looking for more ways to spend my money. But it really is a natural progression for me.  I started my working career as a buyer and clothing designer for a local woman’s retain chain; I knit, and I love to put colors together.  Once I get really consistent in my spinning I am going to try and put different yarns together.  I doubt I will ever dye my own yarn. I just don’t have the space but who knows.

What I do have the space for are animals.  Can Sheep or Alpaca be far behind!




4 thoughts on “Spinning Wheel Has To Go Round

  1. Yessss alpcas!! Spinning makes using natural fibers so affordable and there’s so many more options for colours and fibers. I’ve had a Kiwi it’s a great wheel, I know have an e-spinner (electric) because of my back and it’s so fast. Have fun! 😍😍


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