A Winter Reprieve

We have had beautiful weather here on the farm for the past two days.  Start out the mornings below freezing with temperatures soaring to the upper fifties by early afternoon.  I decided to let my flock free range these two days since I am home and it has been so nice out.  Usually thy stay “cooped” up because we have coyotes, foxes and hawks that would love to make a meal of my birds. 

My flock consists of six birds.  Sophia, Zas Zas and Marilyn are the Silver Lace Wyndottes.  I originally called them the Dixie Chicks, but the more I get to know them, I realize that just won’t do.   They are flashy birds.  A bit bossy.  Definite DIVAS. Therefore the names after famous women.  I love the black and white lacy pattern in their wings.  They have been with me since August.   I must say, they aren’t very friendly.  This is Sophia (as in Loren, she looks like a movie star doesn’t she?)

My Rhode Island Reds are more down to earth.  I currently have three RIRs.  My hens, Diana and Aretha are joined by the man of the group Smokey Robinson. They make a nice trio.  I did have six RIR hens.  I lost three of them in October due to an infection that mimicked the dreaded Mericks Disease.  After the first two died a week apart I took the third ill hen to the state lab to have her analyzed.  If it was Mericks, I would have to destroy my entire flock and give up any hopes of breeding my heritage birds.  Luckily, it wasn’t so hopefully I can breed my RIRs.   That is if any of them ever start laying, the moochers!  I got three egg back in September. Evidently laid by one of the girls that passed on.  I am hoping production kicks in once molting season is over.  Otherwise I am going to have a hard time justify feeding these freeloaders.  But in the meantime I love spending time with them and watching their very spohiticated society.



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