My Nest

Nothing is as empty as your empty nest at the holidays ….



A Winter Reprieve

We have had beautiful weather here on the farm for the past two days.  Start out the mornings below freezing with temperatures soaring to the upper fifties by early afternoon.  I decided to let my flock free range these two days since I am home and it has been so nice out.  Usually thy stay “cooped” up because we have coyotes, foxes and hawks that would love to make a meal of my birds. 

My flock consists of six birds.  Sophia, Zas Zas and Marilyn are the Silver Lace Wyndottes.  I originally called them the Dixie Chicks, but the more I get to know them, I realize that just won’t do.   They are flashy birds.  A bit bossy.  Definite DIVAS. Therefore the names after famous women.  I love the black and white lacy pattern in their wings.  They have been with me since August.   I must say, they aren’t very friendly.  This is Sophia (as in Loren, she looks like a movie star doesn’t she?)

My Rhode Island Reds are more down to earth.  I currently have three RIRs.  My hens, Diana and Aretha are joined by the man of the group Smokey Robinson. They make a nice trio.  I did have six RIR hens.  I lost three of them in October due to an infection that mimicked the dreaded Mericks Disease.  After the first two died a week apart I took the third ill hen to the state lab to have her analyzed.  If it was Mericks, I would have to destroy my entire flock and give up any hopes of breeding my heritage birds.  Luckily, it wasn’t so hopefully I can breed my RIRs.   That is if any of them ever start laying, the moochers!  I got three egg back in September. Evidently laid by one of the girls that passed on.  I am hoping production kicks in once molting season is over.  Otherwise I am going to have a hard time justify feeding these freeloaders.  But in the meantime I love spending time with them and watching their very spohiticated society.


Life Is A Snow Globe

I love metaphors, don’t you – Life is like a snow globe?

Sure it is…give it a little shake and in the blink of an eye, the scene changes.  Sometimes ever so slightly, sometimes way more dramatic.  So with a shake of the snow globe of my life, here is where we are two months since my last post.  It may take more than one post to bring you up to speed.

First of all, nothing EVER came of the bad mammogram.  My radiologist decided after many visits etc, that it was nothing to be concerned about and we will revisit in six more months.  Not sure how OK I am with that in light of the fact that big sis died of breast cancer, but what to do?   Its a crap shoot depending on who you choose to trust. How in the world do you know who to listen to.  My doctor feels that I should wait and see, so I guess I will wait and see.  AND it turns out that the place that I had the mammogram has had a high incident of false positives lately.  So, I am putting my head in the sand and will cross that bridge again in six months.

Speaking of breast cancer, I orchestrated an event in early October that raised over $3200 for breast cancer research.  I named it Ride for Research and with the help of a very good friend and my riding club we put together a very successful benefit ride.  ride-for-research

We had over 90 riders come for the day.  It was spectacular to see so much support.  My husband and brother in law served food for everyone.  We even had a silent auction going on during the day.  It was a lot of work, and took almost a year of planning but I feel really good about what we did and how much money we donated in my sister’s name.  In spite of the fact that she would have hated the event, I know she is proud of what I was able to accomplish.  (Hum maybe I have a career as an event planner?)

Robley, my new horse, has settled in nicely.  He is doing well, full of himself and about to pop!  The boy can eat and is now getting fat off of the air.  How he does that I have not a clue.  I have cut all his grain out, he is just getting hay and still he packs on the pounds.  He and my mare have a hate, love, hate relationship.  He has decided he is in charge and is pushing  my “boss” mare around at every chance he has.  She has nailed him with some nicely placed kicks and still he comes back for more.  My little energizer bunny!  I took him to a weekend clinic to improve my confidence and get some concentrated saddle time.  It was a very good weekend, I was in the saddle literally for 18 hours over three days.  AND we cantered.  That was my goalimg_11451

The job I was so excited about has ended.  I had applied for a 20 hour a week job with the local Head Start office.  I was hired as the Disabilities Services Coordinator (for which I was highly qualified)  Took the job as a 32 hour a week position and ended up working 40 hours a week.  Not the biggest issue. What I didn’t know was that the group running the local organization was circling the drain of incompetence.  Two weeks ago, the regional office came down to inform us that a new company was going to take over, revamp and the whole thing would be put out there for bid to be run by another set of folks.  Basically, there was a corporate take over.  Now since I was a contractor, I was told that I would not be offered a position with the new folks until I went through the interview process.  Since it was more hours than I wanted, I politely declined.

Oh did I mention all this happened while I was out for knee surgery?  Yes almost a year to the day, I had my knee operated on.  Same knee, same issue, same surgery.  Different doctor, and it appears a different outcome.  I think it is going to be alright this time.

So to recap…back to work for hubby, no breast cancer, and still hobbling along.  Maybe my shake of the snow globe just put my life back to where it was last December.  All in all it could have been worse.  The rest of the story next time…