Whew What A Week

Most weeks I am not happy that Monday has arrived, but today is an exception.  I want last week in the rear view mirror.  It is a toss up as to if last week was a good week or bad week (Are you a good witch or a bad witch?) 

Three very exciting things happened to the residence(mostly me) of Flamingo Farms.  First of all Robley, my new mount, and I went on our first camping trip.  For three days we were in a fabulously serene setting sharing good times with my friends.  It was a total me weekend.  While I am still not trail riding, he and bonded over copious amounts of ground work and hand grazing. Ground work to me is what builds a bond with your horse.  It is where you gain repeat and cooperation.  For the most part that was true, but I have found my new honey love has an obstinate streak as well.  I got a few rearing ups when he didn’t like what I asked of him but overall he was great. The place we ride has a great big arena so that is where I did my riding.  Walked and trotted fine until he spooked at the barrels on the fence.  That was enough for me, I pushed him into a slow jog, got four steps so we could end on a good note and promptly got off.  But all in all it was a successful weekend

Also noteworthy is the first egg from my new flock of Rhode Island Reds.   I call the girls the Supremes since I can’t tell them apart.  It isn’t as large or as brown as I expected, but a great first attempt. The newly added rooster, Smokey Robinson, has started crowing.  He is so handsome that hearing him in the morning just makes me smile.  I don’t have a good picture of him yet, he is a little camera shy.  When I hatch some eggs out in the spring, they will be called the Miracles.   Do you see the theme?

And finally on the good side I guess is that I am going back to work.  Since it is a 32 hour position I should still have some of my free time to still do what I want.  I will miss my mornings sitting in the rocking chair with my coffee watching the fields wake up. But it will give more structure to my life.  We will see. 

On the negative side last week, reading that word in bold caps, is the fact that they found someone in my mammogram and I have to go in for a biopsy. YOu may recall that my sister passed away from breast cancer last September.  Needless to say I am petrified.  And the kicker of it all is that they can’t take me until October.  I am working now to find an option sooner.  Very unsettling to have that hanging over my head. 

Stay tuned for an update.  



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