Please Excuse Me

My daughter in law and only granddaughter are on the east coast for the first time since the baby was born.  I have only seen her twice and when you are under three, how much can you remember.  BUT we have been having a blast.  I was blown away when she came running into my arms when we first saw each other.  How could she know me? How could she love me unconditionally?  It is like having my baby again, but in pink this time.  It was instant love, an instant bond.  I always thought my mom was nuts at how crazy she was about my eldest son.  I get it now.  This child, I could eat her up and play with her all day. Unfortunately, the visit will be over Sunday.  Back to Texas they go.

I got a distressed call from my daughter in law this morning.  They are still dropping my granddaughter off with me on their way to meet up with my eldest son, but now my ex husband is putting the screws to them about not getting to see the baby.  As a side note, both boys have birthdays in March and ex has not sent birthday wishes in years.  Anyway after I got off of the phone with daughter in law, I went out to clean stalls.  As I was shoveling the sh__, I started a slow burn that ignited into a roaring fire.  (Appropriate that I was messing with poop huh?).  So instead of call my boys and talking inappropriate smack about their dad, I have decided to write him a letter.  Here, in my blog.

Dear Ex Ass,

This past year has been one of the best years I have had in the past 25, because I have not had to interact with you once.  However, I cannot keep my thoughts to myself any longer.  You should know, that when our boys were young I never bashed you, I never pointed out what a creepy person you are, how you had affair after affair, or how immature you acted.  Not once.  Now they are grown men, and my gloves are coming off.

How dare you guilt my son into including you in his life, in his daughter’s life.  You notice I say my son. I can do that because in spite of the fact that you lived not 5 miles away, you were only available to those two wonderful boys every other weekend as outlined in the legal document that ended our ill fated liaison.  That is particularly true of my youngest son.  You were not a father to that boy, you were not there for him.  You refused to take him to football practice and dances and Indian Guides.  Other men in his life were more of a father than you were.  His Uncle was his Indian Guide pal and his step father taught him to play the drums and took him regularly to lessons.

So I want to know what makes you think you deserve to be a part of his adult life.Or his older brother’s life for that matter.    You sure do pound your chest with pride now.  It makes you look good.  Yes they are two boys that you should be very proud of, but you should also know that you had nothing to do with the men they have become.  They tried so hard to have a relationship with you.  A real relationship.  But all they get from you is beer and chit chat.  You were NEVER the person they turned to, or turn to now, when they need help or advise.  You know who they call, they call their step father.  The man that was there for them for the past twelve years.  He didn’t take you place because you never carved a place for them in your life.

Do you realize your boys say that they were your trial family.  And as unbelievable as it is, they do not resent your daughter or the time you spend with your girlfriend’s children.  I believe they know they are better off without your input in their life.  You, the man that does not even acknowledge their birthdays year after year.  You have no claim to their attention or respect.  They call you and see you because they are good and honorable men.  but in reality, you don’t deserve it.

Forever free…

Whew!  Sorry for the rant, but do I feel better.



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