The Heel or Heal To Matey! Arrgh…



I made a heel!  It is lovely and I am so excited.  I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday, so instead of wallowing in my sorrow, I picked up my knitting needles (all 4 of them) and started to knit.  And before I knew it, my first heel appeared.  Isn’t it cute!  While I knit, I usually have the TV on.  Since I can’t ride I generally watch some training video.  Yesterday it was Ken McNabb.  Very interesting lesson.

Maybe I should give you some info about me.  I am 57 years old and live at Flamingo Farms (yes that is the name of our farm) with my husband, two horses, two English Setters, 6 hens, a non-feral Kitty, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I love my farm, and if I could stay there all day and never leave I think I would be a happy camper.  Right now I am having knee issues and can’t ride.  I had meniscus surgery two months ago and while in there, the Doc found a tremendous amount of damage under my knee cap caused by arthritis.  Ugh!  I WILL ride by Spring.

Anyway, how we got to Flamingo Farms is mildly interesting.  My husband and I are boaters.  Actually, he was always a boater, I have always been a water person.  So now we are boaters.  We started out as sailors.  Right before we got married, he bought a little sail boat and learned to sail from reading instructional books.  He claims to have been attracted to sail boats because of my Dad, but who knows.  (Dad loved to sail even though he never owned a boat) That is another story.

We had a little 18 foot day sailor and thought we were the bomb.  We put it in a marina in the Northern Neck of VA and sailed around the Potomac.  Now I need to tell you we are not your typical boating couple. He cannot swim.  Let me say that again….HE CANNOT SWIM!  Not only can’t he swim, he can’t float.  He sinks as soon as his body hits the water unless he has on a life jacket.  Ok, so that sucks!  I had to learn to sail the boat and do a man overboard  pick up almost from the first day.  I am pretty good at it if I must say so myself.  Hopefully all I will ever need to pick up out of the water is a flotation device.

Now I, on the other hand, am a wonderful swimmer.  Swim team, various strokes, can float all day long.  However, I get sea sick.  I am not talking just a little queasy, I mean full on sick, complete with projectile spewing.  I can even get sea sick floating on a raft in a pool. Evidently I have gotten motion sick all my life.  My sisters told me that every car rider we took ended in me throwing up in Daddy’s hands.  I have this image in my head of my puke being thrown out the window so we could proceed through a stop light.  But I digress.  Still not good for sailing.  But I take medicine, sleep in the sun and enjoy the experience.  Boy are we a pair.

Anyway, a month after my Dad passed away, we got married by a Justice of the Peace, and spent out honeymoon weekend on a new to us 27′ boat that had a galley (kitchen), head (toilet) and berth (bed).  We were in heaven and spent every weekend we could sailing, puking, and doing man over board drills.  LOVE IT!  Loved it so much we decided to buy a place to retire to when we got old.  Hence the farm.  See I did get there eventually.

The farm is ten miles from the Marina.  It was built in 1908 and we have spent every cent we have restoring it to something beautiful.  We had to.  You see one month after we closed on the farm, our way in the future residence, I lost my job.  That meant that I had two homes and no job.  So we decided to pack up our stuff, and move to the farm before it was all restored and sell the nice modern home I had in Richmond.  I have never regretted the move except when I can ‘t get my clothes in the closet.  I guess people didn’t have multiple outfits back in the early 1900’s


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